People often think that hacking happens to companies or governments. But it also occurs to ordinary people. Having your email account hacked is horrible. Losing your important documents and data related to your profession or may be to your personal life is something that is horrifying. In spite of taking several precautionary measures, people often complain of having their email account compromised. In that case contact Att email tech support for help.

Att email tech support

Keeping your email account safe from the hackers may look complicated for you but in reality it is very simple and in fact if you follow the measures unfailingly; you will definitely be able to keep your email protected. Mentioned below are some of the steps that would help you to protect your email from getting hacked:

  • Make you passwords complicated and tough: Ensure that you have separate passwords for all your email accounts. Users often tend to use the same password for various email accounts as this helps them to remember the password easily. And this is the big mistake that people make as it helps the hackers to hack the passwords easily. So, the best solution to this is you should make your password complicated and tough; but ensure that you can remember the password. In fact you can take help of the password manager as they can store all your passwords, generate strong passwords for you, and only password that is needed to open your password manager is what you need to remember.
  • Choose two-step authentication: This is especially an ideal way of keeping your email account safe. This means that in order to access the email account you will need you a special key other than a password to log into a new account. This can save your email account from hackers especially when you are using shared computers.
  • Refrain from opening unfamiliar emails: If you have received emails from an unknown email id and if there are links in the message. Do not click on the link as this could infect your system and you important information could be stolen.
  • Check you spam folder: Certain hackers’ use your email address to send spam or phishing emails to your friends and colleagues. This is done to pretend them into thinking you require assistance.Follow the guidelines of Att email tech support.
  • Change your password after every three months: You should ideally change the ATT email password of your email account at least every three months. Moreover, if you have used the public computer for your email recently; make sure that you change the password almost immediately.

All these steps would definitely your email account to stay protected from hackers. However, in case you feel like your email account has been compromised then you should feel free to contact At&t email customer service desk as they can assist you in keeping your email account protected.

The experts at Att email tech support will diagnose to find out if your email account has been compromised and then will help you to create a new password for your email so that your information and data can stay safe and secured.

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